National parks in Finland

There are 35 national parks in Finland. Unfortunately, most of them are not accessible by public transport, because the closest bus stop could be even 20 km from park. Some parks have summer bus lines, but it's only exceptions.

Parks have very different sizes, from only a few km2 to tens km2. In parks are usually built shelters or cottages for tourist, where is possible cook meal, sometimes are equipped by running water and you can spend a night in some.

National park Aulanko near Hämeenlinna city

National park Aulanko lays about 3 km from Hämeenlinna city. We got to Hämeenlinna very easily by a train and we walked to park. Journey was nice, but without tourist marks, happily we found the park after a while. It was interesting, that main tourist routes are equipped by public lighting. Park is situated into thick forests with large lakes. Near lake called Aulangonjärvi, there is on a huge hill very nice stony outlook tower. Of course, we climbed this hill by the most difficult way. Next to the outlook tower, there was mark, which probably warns people against bears, luckily we met no one. Park's orientation is vegetation, which was winterized this season.


There is a huge castle in Hämeenlinna city, but unfortunately they closed it just before we came. Next to caste, there are several museums, such as Artillery museum. Coincidentally Hämeenlinna city is the residency for Partners University with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Czech Republic), but my department is in Forssa.

National park Nuuksio

Nuuksion kansallispuisto is situated nearby Helsinki, but lies much further than we initially thought. At first we went to Espoo by train, where we changed train for a bus. Park is very beautiful, nice nature with a lot of lakes. Lakes ware ice-covered, but ice wasn't too strong for human weight. We found greater scope of shelters with stoves, where you can warm up your meal. Shelters with wood are available too, you can cut so much wood how much you want, but you are prompted to spare witch wood. This was the only one park, where we met more people. Some people made a fire in the shelter and they looked like they want to stay for a longer time. In the afternoon started to very intensive snow. Actually we met a few people from Czech Republic.


We passed all marked paths, marks were great and we never went wrong like in Aulanko. In the afternoon, when we led out for the last longest trail, it started to snow. Snow was very intensive with stringer wind. It was very nice in the forest, but it was very windy in plains.

Teijo Hiking Area

Teijo is not a national park; it's only a hiking area. Unfortunately is very badly accessible by public transport. On the way there, we walked many km and on the way back, we walked 15 km all of a piece. During our walk, we found several snow footprints from large animals, probably from elk, but we didn't see nothing living and luckily nothing death :-).