There should work the Eduroam project between European universities. You should connect to internet through university network using user name and password from your home university. I tried to connect to Eduroam network at students' hall in Helsinki. My PDA found Eduroam network, but I couldn’t connect using settings from the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Czech Republic). I got some error message about wrong certificate, so I gave it the deep six.

Mobile networks

Perhaps whole Helsinki is covered by 3G network, archipelago Suomenlinna surprisingly too. In Aulanko park, in the middle of forest, I caught signal of 3G network on the top of some hull. Under the hill, there was only HSDPA. I had EDGE in the worst case and I never saw GPRS. It's funny, because we don't have 3G networks in the Czech Republic, except Prague and Brno. I didn't try to establish connection to the internet, because roaming data are too expensive, but I sent several MMS and it was much faster than known speed on GPRS.


Alcohol is in Finland much more expensive than in Czech Republic and you can by it only in special shops – Alco shop, which are closing very soon. A bottle of an ordinary wine cost 13 €. It is possible to buy beer in normal shops, but only till 9 PM, even if the shop closes later.

Mostly in Helsinki we used to met drunk people during the whole day. There was some shouting one in the tram, I understood him only one Finnish word – perkele, but you must look at dictionary if you want to know what does it mean :-).